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About Us is your trusted matrimonial service to help you find your soul mate. It is India's premier matrimonial portal with a touch of tradition and a feel of technology. It is one of the fastest growing matrimonial portals dedicated towards building matrimonial alliances and bringing couples together to form successful unions. 
This matrimonial site is ideally meant for those who are serious about marriage and are searching for their life partner. Our website enables you to explore, choose and unite with your soul mate in just a few clicks. 
You can join for free, search according to preference, express interest to the perspective match, send and receive proposals along with varied other features. 
What makes this website stand out from other matrimonial websites is that we provide all of the features that you would normally pay for on other websites for absolutely FREE, which means no hidden cost! is a team of hardworking people who are dedicated to providing you with superior tools and service along your beautfiul journey for your future soul mate.
Astrology is a science which deals in the effects of planets on living beings. To predict the planets' effects, one has to calculate the position of planets and their strengths. Our horoscopes are known for their accuracy and quality of predictions.
Horoscope matching is one of the services we offer. Horoscopes of two individuals (male and a female) are matched for mutual compatibility.
It provides information on how the two will relate in the future. It includes authentic analysis of various factors such as Ashtakoot and Manglik Dosh and tells what kind of partnership is suitable. It also suggests the remedial measures in case of strong Manglik defects. 
Another valuable service offered by us is "Nakshatra Phal" for newly born babies. It gives an analysis of the Nakshatra in which the child was born. It provides the "Paya" description and the effect of birth of child on parents, brothers and sisters. It also gives the lucky stone, colours, numbers, and mantras for the child.
Our horoscope predictions are based upon most exhaustive calculations, such as Shodasvarga Astavarga which provides different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details. The predictive part contains Dwadash Bhava, Dasa and transit Phal. In the Bhava Phal each house results are given separately, taking account of all planets and their aspects such that there are no contradictions.
Our horoscope also contain Varsphal based on Tajak System. It includes Harsha Bala, Panchavargeeya Bala and Dwadasvargeeya Bala, Vareshwar determination, Sahams, Yogas, Patyamasa and Mudda Dasa along with the natal horoscope calculations and Vimsottari Dasa in Sookshma for the year concerned. It also provides monthly predictions along with monthly calculations. 
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